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  • MySQL to MSSQL Database Converter Software  v.5.0.1MySQL to MSSQL database conversion software convert MySQL database records into MSSQL database server records. MySQL conversion tools convert individual table’s record or whole database file records of MySQL database server to MSSQL database.
  • MYSQL to MSSQL Database Converter  v. Database Migration Application enables user to convert their created MYSQL Database Records into MSSQL Database format. User can export their stored database records such as tables, views, procedures from MYSQL to MSSQL database Server.
  • Convert MSSQL Database to MySQL Database  v.5.0.1MS SQL database server to My SQL database server converter software converts your entire MS SQL database records or selected table’s record of MS SQL database into My SQL format. Software supports default value, null value, attributes and primary key ...
  • Convert MySQL to MSSQL Database  v. MySQL to MSSQL database converter software converts entire or individual table records of MySQL to MSSQL server. Freeware DB conversion utility migrate views, structures, cluster or non-cluster indexes and unique keys from MySQL to MSSQL.
  • MySql to MSSQL Database Transfer Tool  v. to MSSQL database converter utility converts and transmit source, database tables, and attributes to MSSQL. Application software completely converts all data items include rows, columns, indexes and keys to destination database ...
  • MySQL To MSSQL Database Conversion Tool  v. to MSSQL db conversion program maintains all SQL data types, triggers etc. Database converter easily migrate entire or selected db records, tables from MySQL to MSSQL. Software allows you to overwrite converted records without any data loss.
  • MySql to MSSql Database Migrator  v. to MSSQL database migrator software converts MySQL data types, null value, trigger, default value, primary key as well as migrate whole database or selected table row, column, index, attribute to MSSQL. Tool provides interactive GUI.
  • MySQL to MSSQL Database Conversion  v. to MSSQL database translator program converts whole or selected part of MySQL database into MSSQL server. Database convertor application migrate table from MySQL to MSSQL and does not affect the functionality of any database application.
  • MYSQL to MSSQL Database Conversion Software  v.5.0.1MySQL to MSSQL database conversion utility program migrate MySQL databases to Microsoft SQL server. Database converter support all major MySQL data types and attributes and works with all major versions.
  • Repair MSSQL Database  v.6.0If you have MSSQL Repair tool then you can repair MSSQL database and recover MS SQL database from all corruption of MS SQL Server 2012, 2008/R2, 2005 & 2000 etc. It also repairs severe or highly damaged MDF file.
  • Database Server Management Software  v.2.1Database server management software redirect sql query syntax error database server unreachable odbc access driver error to ascii configuration file check errors manage results runs automatically within application shows output in interactive mode ...
  • MY SQL Server to MSSQL Database Converterr  v.5.0.1Database conversion software (My SQL to MSSQL) convert MySQL database to Microsoft SQL server file format. User can easily select My SQL bulk size database file and converts all data types in MSSQL format.
  • MySQL to MSSQL Database Conversion Program  v.5.0.1MySQL to MSSQL Database Converter convert MySQL database record in to MS SQL records. Database migration utility supports conversion of single or more than one table records. Software support indexes and primary keys with all necessary attributes.
  • MSSQL Database Converter  v. migration software convert MSSQL database record into corresponding MySQL server with all attributes, keys constraints, data types, default values etc and facilitate user to transfer entire or selected tables, row, column to MySQL database.
  • MSSQL Database to MySQL Conversion Tool  v. MSSQL database converter application helpful to migrate MSSQL server database file to MySQL without affecting any value from original records. Software supports to transfer all versions of MSSQL server to MySQL database files format.
  • Transform MSSQL Database to MySQL  v. Microsoft SQL database converter software allow user to migrate or convert MSSQL database records to MySQL server in effectively way. Free trial database transfer tool supports all major MSSQL attributes, data types, key constraints etc.
  • Convert MSSQL database  v. to MySQL database translator software efficiently converts entire database or selected table’s records of MSSQL to MySQL database server. MSSQL to MySQL Migration tool supports null value, default value, data types, entities, attributes ...
  • Valentina Office Database Server  v.3.5Valentina Office Database Server 3.5 is a simple to use, yet sophisticated database server which is designed specially for businesses of any size.Unique Valentina minutes-to-seconds speed combined with standards support for Valentina SQL, XML and ...
  • Amphora Database Server  v.1.02Amphora Database Server enables multiple users to access Amphora databases over a network. Amphora Database Server is a low cost database server that is suitable for small to medium winery operations with a small number of users. For those who desire ...
  • Nasca-db a native XML Database Server  v.32The nasca-db is an xml database server (working on document level). Documents (XML and nonXML) are stored in BerkelyDBXML and can be queried by XPath (later XQuery) and modified by XUpdate. Transactions, replication, locking and logging are full suported ...
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